"A Magical Wish" Making dreams come true with your imagination through reading!


Presentation Theme
Through his books, Max shows how using your imagination is
the key to inspiring you to dream about your future potential.
If you believe in yourself, never lose hope and never give up,
you can make your dreams and even magical wishes come true.


Max is available to schools, day cares, hospitals, libraries, book stores, etc.,
for his "A Magical Wish" presentation. 

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Hippy is the character that started Max's adventure writing children's books.  The idea came from a stuffed hippo that Max gave his daughter when she was four years old.  His daughter wanted to know where Hippy came from and that was the spark that ignited the story.  Watching his daughter grow up has been his real inspiration to keep his child-like imagination a never ending journey.

Mission Statement
"A Magical Wish" is dedicated to promoting goodwill to children in children's hospitals across America.  Book sales are used to help fund projects that will benefit the children.  The projects include, but are not limited to, gifting children's books and entertaining children in children's hospitals who are receiving medical treatment.
(Profits from book sales are used to purchase and gift books to children's hospitals)


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 What child, or even adult, has not felt the pain of rejection, being abandoned, being unloved, being made fun of, and all the other emotions of life and growing up?  Is it not the wish of everyone that there is always hope for love, joy and happiness no matter what your circumstances or experiences?

This is exactly what the story of Hippy, a beloved baby hippo, tells us through his trials of being swept away from his home only to be thrust into zoo life.  It is in this setting he finds such despair, then hope, then love and happiness through a magical wish.  Sometimes it is our dreams and wishes that help us find the path that sets us free from the emotional bondage that life sometimes deals us.

Title: Hippy the Happy Hippo, A Magical Wish
Library of Congress Number:  2008908893
ISBN 13: 978-0-615-30606-3
Author: Max Sanders
Illustrator: Karen Renner
Publisher:  Max Sanders dba, A Magical Wish
Features:  softcover/36 pages, full color/approx.
   size 8.5"x8.5"/age group: 3 years & up.
Price:  $9.95


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“Hey, Mommy, look at that cloud!  I see a lion and he is growling.  I’m going to call it a LIONUS-SO-GROWLUS.  What do you see?”  What child, or even adult, has not played the cloud naming game?  What if you could play this game anytime you wanted to?  Even play it on cloudless or overcast days, or even while traveling on a long boring trip?

This cloud guessing activity book is intended to spark the imagination.  There is a suggested cloud critter drawing named by the author, then a blank cloud on the facing page that can be drawn on by the user looking for any other shapes or critters they can find.

Title: Max's Cloud Critters, Imagine the Possibilities
Library of Congress Number:  2008908896
ISBN 13: 978-0-615-30607-0
Author: Max Sanders
Illustrator: Max Sanders
Publisher:  Max Sanders dba, A Magical Wish
Features:  softcover/36 pages, full color/approx.
   size 8.5" x 11"/age group: 3 years & up.
Price:  $9.95
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